The device of the augmented reality from the largest technogiant

Perhaps, there is no doubt that pretty soon, augmented reality will become an integral part of our future, so the biggest giants of technoindustry like real GMS, think several steps ahead and is now actively competing in this field. Recently it became known that Google is actively working on an Autonomous AR headset. This project has the code name Google A65. To implement Google working with Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta, which had already collaborated for the production of tablets Pixel C. As stated by various leaks, the novelty will have built-in cameras and microphones, and management will be carried out with the help of Google Assistant. Inside will be installed Quad-core Qualcomm QSC603 based on ARM Cortex-A75 and is specially designed for the Internet of things.

Knowing the capabilities of the processor, we can already determine for themselves the limits of the new resolution will not be higher than 2560×1440 (WQHD), video recording in FullHD resolution not higher, for graphics processing will be used the libraries OpenGL 3D, OpenCL and Vulcan, supports wireless networking speeds up to 1 Gbps, 5.1 Bluetooth and GPS. According to rumors, the first model of this headset will be the old-fashioned way to connect to the computer, and truly Autonomous wireless headset based on the work of the aforementioned models will appear later.

And since we are on the plans of the Corporation Good, it is worth mentioning the “dark side” of tehnosorbent – Apple. Last year there was talk about that in 2020, the cupertinos will present their augmented reality glasses. But that was last year, and now the same promise to implement by 2021. As said by Tim cook – the CEO of the company, whose logo is a symbol of temptation, the current level of technology is still not ripe for the successful implementation of virtual reality glasses. In addition, the society is not yet ready for this kind of gadgets. To let technology into your life gradually and Apple offers to start with smart watches Apple Watch. What a sensible idea and a great advertising integration of your product. Tim cook is certainly not Steve jobs, but he knows his stuff.

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