The developers of Monument Valley released an exclusive game for Samsung Gear VR

Studio ustwo is famous for its charming and ingenious puzzle game Monument Valley, released in 2014 for the iOS platform, and later migrated to Android and Windows Phone. The game has collected a whole heap of awards including Apple Design Award, opened a small team of developers the door to the world of serious gaming industry. For anybody not a secret that the Studio working on his next project. And finally, the game Land’s End… can download only the owners of the headset Samsung Gear VR.

Yes. The situation was very unexpected as new project Studio ustwo are available only to holders of a virtual reality helmet Gear VR developed by Samsung in collaboration with Oculus. Obviously, in game development was invested Samsung because the other logical explanation of this exclusivity can not be just. After today, virtually any smartphone can be put in purchased in one popular Chinese online store analogue Gear VR and enjoy the virtual beauty.

However the game is Land’s End really looks very impressive considering it runs on the smartphone. Personally, I like it it reminds me of a mix of puzzle The Witness and Journey of adventure and RIME. The game is already available in the Oculus store Store at a price of 7.99 dollars. Game control is implemented entirely using the head movements of the player. To move the fantasy world you need to hold the look on one of the scattered thereon reference points, after which the camera will smoothly take you in that direction. Everything is very intuitive and, judging by the reviews of the first players, the game really gives people a very strong impression in the best sense of the word.

Most surprising in this is that the Gear VR today exists only in the form of “test versions” that are compatible with the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The final version of the headset at the price of $ 99 is available only for pre-order on the official website. An updated version of the gadget in addition to the aforementioned smartphones except Note 4, will also support the S6 Edge and Note 5. In General, the Korean company Samsung has decided to capture the market share of mobile virtual reality, have not done so other interested parties. That’s one of the commercials, showing some of the games for Gear VR.

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