Review Sony PlayStation VR: so virtual and so real

For some, the purchase of virtual reality helmet from Sony may turn into a regret about the money spent, while others will experience are already half-forgotten delight of meeting new technology, bringing digital entertainment to the next level. We have tried to make this overview most elaborate and available today VR-gadget, virtual reality glasses, Sony PlayStation VR helped the reader to understand in advance, even without parting with at least 30 thousand rubles, which group he is.

PlayStation VR – design, features, connection
PlayStation VR virtual reality helmet, designed for use with the PlayStation 4 console, PlayStation Eye camera and a DualShock controller and the Move – looks great, Sony designers have worked on glory. He doesn’t look like the invention of the mad scientist-sadist, rather Recalling the standard equipment of the Navigator of a starship. If you can pretend this thing is from the future, then that future seems pretty bright.
Although it appeared on the market before alternatives are designed to work in tandem with a powerful PC Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, look not so stylish, from the point of view of technical possibilities, they are more advanced. PlayStation VR one 5.7-inch OLED screen that provides a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, per eye you have a rectangle of 960 x 1080 pixels. The maximum angle is 100 degrees. Both competitors each eye gets an image with a separate screen with a resolution of 1080 by 1200 pixels, and the maximum viewing angle reaches 110 degrees. But PlayStation VR can display the picture not only with the frequency of 90 Hz, like the other helmets, but at 120 Hz, which, given the current field of view of the user generated intermediate frames. In theory this should make the gameplay more comfortable and realistic.

To play some games with the PlayStation VR, you’ll need a pretty impressive Arsenal of accessories. Of course, you need a PlayStation 4 (original version, Pro or Slim, with some Pro games provide a better picture). Can not do without the PlayStation Eye camera — it reads the position of the luminous elements on the helmet, the tracking position of the user’s head in space and the direction of gaze. Need a controller: you can do a regular DualShock, but in many titles, providing tracking of the player’s hand, fully not play without a pair of PlayStation Move. Finally, connect the helmet to the console and TV will be using a special module — a rectangular box with a separate power supply, multiple connectors, and led indicator.
Although a lot of cables tangled in them, if only to lazy to read the instructions. Each marked with a sticker with a number, and the connection process painted on the steps. Another thing that will have to think twice about how and where all these cobwebs to hide: the spectacle in its original form is not only able to ruin the whole Feng Shui in the living room but even for the lair of the bachelor looks wildly.

PlayStation VR experience
So, everything is connected (from helmet is ONE cable – learn, HTC!), waited for the update, worn. Design sound: hold down located at the right of the eye button to move the part with the screen and optics forward, place on the head soft hula Hoop, move the screen to the eyes (goggles can be worn, checked: they will fit) and then to find the position of the Hoop to the picture was as clear as possible. After that, the wheel at the Hoop, located in the neck, to lock more reliably.
The owner of a PlayStation VR or any other VR helmet, still need one essential accessory without which experience would be Kood worse than it could be, it… high-quality microfiber cloth. Just not for 20 rubles of goods in the supermarket — and the dust from the Cabinet really does not wipe, there is a special to clean the screens of mobile devices or points, cost from 100 rubles and more.
So, what are your impressions of PlayStation VR? If you’ve never seen virtual reality, even a copy of Google Cardboard on Aliexpress ordered, stunning wow-effect is guaranteed, especially when paired with 3D sound in high quality headphones. PlayStation VR pretty good, better than smartphone VR headsets to cope with the creation of immersive. Most importantly, the rubber gasket is well coincided with the face, not missing the light — otherwise, the “dip” is very relative. I, for instance, was not able to achieve complete isolation.
For those who have tried the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or at least the Gear VR with Samsung PlayStation VR no revelations will bring. The picture is not perfect, you can easily see the individual pixels, and for a 100-percent immersion in virtual reality will require, probably, a strong sensibility, honed the skills of self-hypnosis, or changing perceptions of a substance. “This monster could really scare me, if it is not sticking to the corners of the pixels” — the thought slips regularly. Some games (the most interesting, in my opinion, VR titles for the PlayStation I will discuss below) can, intentionally stylizing the graphics to retro or simplifying gameplay to achieve more impressive results. But on the photorealistic image in the VR at the current level of technology while speech can not go.

PlayStation VR – best games
Sony did all that already at the start of sales of the PlayStation VR was plenty to choose from. To date in Europe are available about eight dozen titles that support virtual reality helmet Sony. Demo 18 of them written to carefully put in each box with the PlayStation VR disk, a couple of trial versions you can download for free in the PlayStation Store, the developers other games offer users to pay money for pasted colorful promotional materials bags swarming with cats there of unknown quality.
Here are some of the games aroused the strongest emotions I have personally:

Rail (literally — the player moves through the virtual world on the truck, as in the attraction “House of horrors”) shooter-horror game Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood into the entourage of hell’s circus and forced to shoot from bloodthirsty clowns and other infernal creatures. Highly recommended Move controllers as gripped in both hands pistols with one DualShock I was not able to survive even to the end of the short demo.

The fastest way to test the strength of your vestibular system — the remake of the classic game 1980, the year in which with primitive vector graphics created the 3D effect. In the modern version of enemy tanks and aircraft in these times, too, shows a quite primitive which allows to achieve high frame rates. The main problem: the player in a VR version of Battlezone is forced to move in all three dimensions that I have personally caused the ailment in just a few minutes of fun shooting.

To describe Rez is Infinite is difficult to find words game and a work of art that combines psychedelic visuals with music. The game seamlessly picks up the perception of the player and takes him in, obviously, insane, but beautiful and exciting world of constantly changing shapes and characters. First Rez, inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky, was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, six years later came the Xbox Live Arcade version, and now the game has degenerated to virtual reality. The word here is mostly powerless, so here’s the video:

Thumper also looks pretty psychedelic, but not as crazy as the Rez: the player controls a metal car-beetle, moving at great speed along the endlessly unfolding in the space of the chute at the end of which constantly looms some horror. With him “the bug” and have to fight for what we need at certain moments to press the buttons, following the rhythm of the background music. For me, the game was the most addictive of all VR titles that I’ve ever tried — perhaps because the “rail” nature of the movement does not cause nausea even after a few hours of the game.

What console entertainment without racing is here on the PlayStation VR has a “main simulator”, Driveclub VR. Graphics are good, frustrating, apparently power “iron” for more detail and realism is not enough. And I begin to feel sick pretty quickly, but no one will say that “for the PlayStation VR racing is not normal”.

PlayStation VR – problems and solutions

To full game in virtual reality on the PlayStation, you need to know a few rules. So, to avoid complete darkness or, conversely, bright sunlight, especially when the rays fall between the helmet and watching his movements with a camera – this can lead to failures in tracking movements of the helmet. Well, in principle, for tracking using only one camera, the system restricts the movement of the user during the game, it is safest to sit in front of the camera, as if to stand, then on the spot.

Secondly, it is desirable to disable or to carry to another room, any devices with Bluetooth enabled, they can interfere with the controllers, especially Move, leading to undesirable effects such as jitter seems to be still not tired to crush enemies of the virtual hand and inaccurate positioning of the sight. In addition, the Move must be charged to the maximum at low power levels, can also appear above described bugs.

If you’re annoyed by the constantly burning lights, and you have decided to place the PlayStation VR-helmet in the bedroom, an additional unit of the helmet will have every night to unplug is to turn it off, to turn out bright red led, can only be so.

What about 360-degree video, which on YouTube every day it becomes more and more? In theory, the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 allows you to watch them on the PlayStation VR. However, the field of view is very narrow, much narrower than in the games, the picture somehow appears like on the opposite of the user’s eyes the end of the “pipe”. In the end, the impression is much weaker than when watching the same on a smartphone VR headset. If this problem can be corrected in software, I really do not understand why Sony still (global sales of the PlayStation VR started in October) did not.

But you can watch movies with PlayStation without removing the helmet on a giant virtual screen size which to choose. Feels very similar to the cinema – but the cinema, which for some reason shows on a huge screen downloaded from a torrent tracker movie in low resolution.

In the setup, connect and use the PlayStation VR much easier designed for PC competitors. Yes, they offer slightly better graphics and especially the HTC Vive, a deeper “dive” into virtual reality. But from my point of view, when the market is the PlayStation VR, their purchase is justified only in case if the buyer is not strapped for cash at all, or have features appropriate to their needs a powerful PC.

A virtual reality helmet Sony today is the most polished and user friendly gadget of this kind. Arguments against the purchase of a PlayStation VR I, too, find they are the same as in the case of “the computer” VR-systems. Namely: the technology is not yet perfect, especially in terms of resolution of images, many games were swayed, and the games themselves – it is mostly arcade fun or cartoony quests, something epic like Fallout 4 for VR to expect in the coming years is not worth it.

Paradoxically, this imperfection may lie strong side of the PlayStation VR. The system with the helmet offers, in fact, more “humane” (toward the player) and safe from a social point of view, the gaming. In virtual reality has not yet built a truly realistic immersive worlds, which for many days the abyss of real life, there is no physical possibility to sit out the game all night (after an hour or two even with a strong vestibular system to give up). In this case emotions from VR games per unit time, usually more than normal – most of the attention switching or discharge “for an hour” after work.

So, to sum up the outcome of the review of virtual reality helmet Sony PlayStation VR.


  • The easiest to setup and use “not a smartphone” system for VR games
  • Low in comparison with its competitors price, even if you buy along with the console
  • Sony PlayStation VR beautiful and comfortable
  • You can use without removing the glasses


  • Virtual reality technology can not yet provide the quality of graphics comparable with a console displayed on the TV, not to mention a powerful gaming PC
  • Motion sickness and nausea – while this is a problem, for any VR system
  • If you are not lucky with the structure of the face, inside the helmet for light to penetrate
  • Judging by profile forums, many users are still experiencing problems with the tracking of the Move controllers (in my test kit was not Move)
  • Wires, wires, wires….


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