TOP 11 best games for IPhone in 2018

What could be better than to take in a really high-quality and, most importantly, a free game on your smartphone? Right, nothing! If you are a happy owner of the smartphone from Apple, this little TOP by will help you to choose the game in the near future. “Fortnite” Download link Genre Battle Royale […]

The device of the augmented reality from the largest technogiant

Perhaps, there is no doubt that pretty soon, augmented reality will become an integral part of our future, so the biggest giants of technoindustry like real GMS, think several steps ahead and is now actively competing in this field. Recently it became known that Google is actively working on an Autonomous AR headset. This project […]

The developers of Monument Valley released an exclusive game for Samsung Gear VR

Studio ustwo is famous for its charming and ingenious puzzle game Monument Valley, released in 2014 for the iOS platform, and later migrated to Android and Windows Phone. The game has collected a whole heap of awards including Apple Design Award, opened a small team of developers the door to the world of serious gaming […]

Review Sony PlayStation VR: so virtual and so real

For some, the purchase of virtual reality helmet from Sony may turn into a regret about the money spent, while others will experience are already half-forgotten delight of meeting new technology, bringing digital entertainment to the next level. We have tried to make this overview most elaborate and available today VR-gadget, virtual reality glasses, Sony […]

Qualcomm demonstrated the impressive potential VR on the basis of the Snapdragon

Qualcomm demonstrated the impressive potential VR on the basis of the Snapdragon Qualcomm introduced its reference virtual reality helmet, running on the Snapdragon platform Mobile VR. This development uses the latest chipset 845 Snapdragon and offers enhanced functionality. One of these new features is the improved visualization of the focus of the image. For this […]

Gear VR from Samsung is an important part of the future of the company

Samsung to launch virtual reality headset Gear VR, bringing it to the mass market with the hype that we haven’t seen since the Virual Boy — however, this time, hopefully, more efficiently. Gear VR works in conjunction with smartphone Galaxy Note 4, bringing the Note display to create the illusion of presence. The company has […]